DLAZEN is the merging of the architecture office DL+A (De Lapuerta Campo Arquitectos) and the consulting office ZE (ZeroEnergy). We are a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers with more than 25 years of experience in architecture and installations design, project management, construction management, building development and sustainable environments, nearly zero energy buildings or even opperating off-grid. Several of them have obtained various national and international awards and have been published in magazines, books and specialised press, backed by success stories from public and private clients.
It has a solid international record of reference in energy efficiency and Passivhaus. We carry out architecture, consulting and certification of residential and tertiary projects and related training in this area.
DLAZEN has engineers, architects, and experts in the energy sector, accredited as Passivhaus Certifiers, Designers, and Construction Technicians.


Our clients

Office In Madrid

Phone: 917 339 265

Calle Vicente Gaceo, 19, 28029 Madrid

Email: contacto@dlazen.com

Office In Burgos

Phone: 947 659 232

Calle Cardenal Segura 23, 09003, Burgos

Email: contacto@dlazen.com

Office In Manchester

Phone: +44 742 102 9804

Turing House, Archway, Manchester ,M15 5RL

Email: contacto@dlazen.com