Energetic Renovation of the residential areas

The energy efficient renovation in a neighborhood implies the improvement of the quality in the construction, a greater energy efficiency in the construction and a significant decrease in the consumption of the inhabitants. But in addition to a sustainable strategic plan, it is about implementing a social responsibility project and an opportunity to bring together groups with different interests in a common framework with the same principles. Provide the necessary tools to create value for the community, achieve its well-being within the most sustainable development, and push the neighborhood towards the best development opportunities.

It is about studying the available resources, the impact of urban conditions on the community and their quality of life. Technical planning and economic management are established. In this sense, the management of economic resources is a key factor, which could support financing programs for government entities, the EU or partnership opportunities and public-private collaboration projects.

Establish methodologies to prioritise the needs of the community, strategies for neighborhood revitalisation, and energy rehabilitation of construction, implement renewable energy production systems and transform the disadvantages of a specific field into the advantages of other fields.