Energy consulting

Energy consultancy activity on the área of building scale and urban scale.

It is estimated that around 40% of the energy worldwide is consumed by buildings. The study of solutions to reduce energy consumption and C02 emissions in the construction industrys is the most profitable strategy. It is calculated that the building sector has a greater potential for reducing costs and consumption than any other sector, around 70%.

  • Calculation of the energy consumption of your home or building. Energy simulation
  • Specific study of heating, air conditioning, and integrated management solutions with domectic hot water production, efficient lighting, and sun protection and darkening and shading systems. Integration of monitoring and management solutions to ensure maximum energy savings.
  • Study of systems for the use of renewable energy, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, geothermal, aimed at delivering energy and economic savings
  • Analysis of embodied energy, carbon footprint and life cycle
  • Advice for reduce consumption and costs on the invoice. Optimisation of hiring of electrical companies, optimisation of hiring of electrical power.
  • Price options in photovoltaic energy, solutions for nearly zero energy buildings or self-consumption, opperating off-grid.
  • Alternatives in cost, structure, envelopes.