Economic and feasibility studies

  • Economic study of technical viability about the situation of the building / urbanization in energy terms
  • Calculation of the economic cost of the energy consumption of your home or building.
  • Economic study on the implementation of alternative solutions for heating, air conditioning, and integrated management with hot water production, efficient lighting and solar protection and darkening systems. Integration of monitoring and management solutions to ensure maximum energy savings.
  • Economic study of the implementation of renewable energy production systems, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, geothermal
  • Economic analysis of embedded energy, carbon footprint and life cycle
  • Advice to reduce consumption and costs on the bill. Optimization of electrical contracting, optimization of contracted power.
  • Tariff options in photovoltaic energy, solutions for buildings with zero or self-consumption, disconnected from the electricity grid.
  • Alternatives in cost, structure, envelopes.